It is believed that the most challenging problem of today's IT infrastructures is the detection of the root cause of the existing problems. To identify these, the tools used to identify performance and security problems should receive the full network traffic and these tools should have the capacity be able to process the received data. One solution to provide such data is to use SPAN ports on the existing network switches.However, this may lead to complexity in the network topology and cause inefficient use of the ports on the backbone switches. Also, as SPAN ports will be of the least priority to these switches, the data delivered to the tools might be inadequate.

These issues cause the need of using a Visibility Solution so that required network data can be delivered in a complete and tailored way to the relevant monitoring or security appliance.

Performa Bilgi Teknolojileri provides solutions with the leading vendors of the visibility market like BigSwitch, Gigamon and Ixia.